MUSES BY GAIA is dedicated to empower independent and modern women like you around the world to be bold and daring on your special occasion. Embracing life, renewal and modernity the MUSES BY GAIA collection represents hand-crafted head-pieces to elevate your look with an air of confidence.


We believe that the strength of the modern woman lies in the determination to be self-identifying. Our mission is to empower you to become the most confident and “unstoppable” you to lead by example. Women of MUSES BY GAIA stand apart from everyone else.


Our product philosophy lies in our obsession for details through impeccable craftsmanship, the never-ending quest for perfection that only human hands are capable of mastering. Each piece is individually created by the MUSES BY GAIA’s craftswomen who have rare talent, flair and style and are led by passion for the job. We put our hearts into our activities infused with dreams to bring you more joy and excitement in your everyday life rather than a half smile. 

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